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Town and City Councils

Sector Town and City Councils

 Our long experience in integration projects in City Councils gives us the flexibility, adaptability and quality that these institutions need. We know that the main objective of a City Council is improve internal management and services to citizens.
The City Council needs funcionar más eficientemente, reducing time, extending communication channels and improving the quality of all procedures. Its purpose is to be able to offer new services, to have scalable and adaptable tools and, in short, to focus on its main objective: Improve the perception of citizenship.
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In order to achieve the objective, it is necessary to have tools that facilitate the improvement of processes.


Document management and organization
Our solution (OnBase) facilitates access to and management of all public administration documentation, reducing search and location time, optimizing the organization of content and improving the perception of speed and transparency to the citizen. More than 900 public administrations already use this solution.
Automation and digitization of documentation
This solution makes it possible to automate and digitise all the requests that a Town Hall generates (public assistance, security and law enforcement, complaints, etc.), simplifying and speeding up the processes of assistance, validation and conservation and improving communication with the citizen.
Digital Preservation
Putting focus on the information contained instead of in the file that contains it is the purpose of this solution (Libnova). Achieving accessibility to files after long periods of time, preserving them through techniques such as the evolution of formats, guarantees access to information no matter how old it is.
Management of infrastructures and assets
Solution that allows the management of infrastructures, services and all the assets of a city council. The global vision optimizes the productive processes, improving the performance, both of the productive chain and of the personnel.
Cloud Services
The basic infrastructure of sustainable cities is cloud technology. Amazón WS, Microsoft Azure and Google solutions allow services to be adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each City Council, acquiring the technology that is necessary and at the time that is needed, which means savings in equipment and a guarantee of continuous innovation, helping to achieve the objectives of energy efficiency, public health, intelligent transport, air quality, and so on.
A hyperconvergent infrastructure simplifies IT and achieves a transformation of the City Council, thanks to the flexibility, scalability and ease of management systems. Our experience as a specialized service provider guarantees the technological support that this solution requires.
Remote printing
Ideal solution for managing your own printing fleet, controlling expenses and reducing costs in consumables, maintenance and user service center. A perfect service for civil servants and citizens, scalable and sustainable.
New generation solutions to predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks of any kind, proactively preventing fraud in real time.
Optimization platform
Add4U's solution consists of a comprehensive platform that allows the optimization of public expenditure of the municipality, offering a simple and modern electronic headquarters, with multiple services through the Internet. A regeneration of public services with greater transparency, efficiency, participation and dialogue.
Intelligent Vehicle Management
This location solution for the tracking, control and management of vehicle fleets (transport, waste collection, maintenance, etc.) of municipalities, applies the most advanced technologies, providing a set of administrative tools, combined with different GPS devices, makes the management of the fleet of vehicles is much more profitable.
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