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Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) comprises people, processes, infrastructure and technology dedicated to monitoring and managing threats and vulnerabilities, with the aim of controlling and knowing the state, in real time, of security and with the aim of minimizing and controlling a possible impact on the organization by the materialization of an attack.

The managed security service allows the client to delegate to us the operation of the different security solutions available, as well as the evolutionary maintenance and improvement of the mechanisms that compose and support it. The SOC forms part of the business unit of CYSE.

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Our unified Remote Service Center (CSR) covers end-to-end IT for our customers, from user workstation support to communications, servers or any technological service or infrastructure that can be remotely managed, monitored, operated or administered..
We provide an integral support to all the technological infrastructures of our clients. For this we have specialized multidisciplinary professionals and incorporate tools that help to develop and implement processes and manage continuous improvement.
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Our ESC (European Screening Center) has specific laboratories, adapted to the technological environment and service conditions. It has the latest innovations and highly experienced technicians, which gives us the ability to repair any type of electronic device.
  • Centralized or decentralized operation.
  • Authorized repair service under warranty and
    out of warranty for different manufacturers.
  • Repair by subsystem and at component level.
  • Extraction Robotic insertion BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • Fractography and microscopic analysis of components.
  • Management of the stock of spare parts owners and third parties..
  • Help Desk user support.
  • R+D+i
  • Reworking


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Service Desk

With our IT Service Desk or User Support Service we create a single point of contact for communication with IT services, providing them with the means of coordination or solution to respond to all their requirements.

We adapt the service to the customer’s needs, offering multi-channel, 24-hour x 7 coverage, attention in different languages and high availability (redundant infrastructures in our service centres located in Madrid and Barcelona).

  • Single point of contact
  • We adapt the service
  • Total availability 24x7x365
  • Redundant Service Desk




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El Centro de Servicios Remotos (CSR) está estructurado en dos grupos de servicios:

Plataformas y CDP:

  • Gestión de Infraestructuras y CPD, monitorización y gestión de eventos de servidores, almacenamiento, bases de datos, elementos de red, elementos de seguridad, gestión de disponibilidad y capacidad, etc., así como la operación y explotación remota de sistemas y telecomunicaciones, incluyendo el mantenimiento preventivo y predictivo y la definición de parámetros y umbrales de monitorización.    
  • Gestión de Servidores, Almacenamiento y Red, que se encargan de los servicios de monitorización, gestión de eventos, explotación, operación de los sistemas, gestión de activos y de software y administración de usuarios.

 Soporte a usuarios:

  • Gestión del entorno de trabajo, incluye todos los servicios relativos a la gestión global del puesto de trabajo y las infraestructuras que lo componen: Gestión de activos, administración de usuarios, gestión de reporting, soporte onsite, mantenimiento, etc, todo ello gestionado mediante plataformas tecnológicas de ticketing.

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  • PC`s and Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Printers
  • Wintel Servers
  • Non-Wintel Servers
  • TPV´s
  • Dataphones
  • Dispensers
  • Recyclers
  • Notebook Updates
  • Tablets
  • PDA´s
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Electronics
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Information Booths
  • CCTV Systems
  • Parking Systems
  • Digital Signagel
  • Access Control

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Our Service Desk is structured in two levels of attention SPOC1 (Levels 0 and 1 or also denominated Front-Office, for categorization of incidences, resolution and escalation to level 2) and SPOC2 (Level 2 also denominated Back Office, for resolution of incidences coming from the lower levels and of greater technological level). There are three areas of service support and auditing:

  • Back Office Technicians (ACD-Automatic Call Distributor) in charge of visualizing the activity of the switchboard, checking compliance with the SLA's (agreed service levels) and carrying out random listening of agents in order to adapt, correct and perfect the responses to incoming requests, thus improving the service provided.
  • Tools Back Office,, which visualizes and checks the activity of the ticketing tools used,verifies compliance with the SLA's and audits the tickets generated.
  • Back Office of Quality and Procedures,, responsible for ensuring compliance with the SLA's, implementing and monitoring the procedures requested by each of our customers and analyzing each and every one of the above points to look for points of improvement in services.

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  • Monitoring, management and continuous analysis: Improve the operation and processing of information through continuous management and monitoring, analysis of LOGs and immediate response to potential security threats.
  • Fast and effective solutions to incidents: To offer the most accurate and reliable vision possible of all levels of security in real time, in order to be prepared and be able to provide quick and effective solutions to any type of incident.
  • Effective protection of information assets: Guarantee effective protection of all information assets, providing evidence, trends, analysis and recommendations on them.
  • Ensure continuity, availability and reliability of operations: Protect investments in technology and, above all, ensure business continuity, system availability and operational reliability.

Managed Security Services

  • SIEM Correlator. Collects information from IT systems to generate knowledge by correlating captured events, monitoring and managing them, detecting threats and mitigating attacks.
  • SOC control panels. Configuration of Cybersecurity Scorecards so that decision-makers can count on tools to help them make decisions, based on real-time measurements of the security of the company’s IT system


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Raúl Viejo / Ángel Rozas

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