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Health Area

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Sermicro Group is active in the health sector with the aim of providing technological services and specific solutions to all types of public and private entities related to health care. We are talking about the Health, Social Health, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, etc.



We develop all kinds of technological solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, providing improvements in all kinds of processes and based on cutting-edge technologies for all sectors related to health care.

Advanced non-invasive remote assistance
Solution adaptable to home or residential environments, to prevent health-related incidents using all types of sensors and analysis of behavioural patterns to issue predictive warnings of incidents.
Indoor geolocation
Monitoring and tracking of patients/users, employees or important assets in all types of environments, with the aim of improving care processes or preventing incidents.
Advanced stock management and tracking (consumables, laundry, etc)
Automates warehouse management processes, improving delivery and reception management (Picking / Packing) to the maximum, avoiding manual errors. Reduces inventory maintenance costs, reducing stock counting time and improving inventory accuracy.
Medical appointment platforms
We offer doctors and medical institutions the possibility to offer their services both in person and online in a much more efficient and simple way, incorporating essential services such as chat and video consultations.
Video consultation
We have video medical consultation systems specially designed for healthcare or social healthcare environments, preserving privacy and guaranteeing security in communications. Fully integrable with existing systems.
Advanced mobile messaging solutions (SMS)
Solution designed for the delivery of notifications from companies and medical institutions, providing a simple and direct communication channel so that patients can transmit last-minute incidents, providing complementary information that can improve the quality of service.
Digital informed consent and biometric signature
Fully integrated and complete multi-platform solution for the process of signing informed consent or other important processes. As well as the generation, archiving and custody of documents. It includes digital or handwritten signatures, including the biometric signs of the writing process, complying with all current regulations and adding probative weight to the process.
Sovereign Digital Identity (SDI)
Electronic identification solution for people and things, in which the shared information resides in the possession of the bearer, preserving the bearer's privacy at all times. This information is encrypted in high-density QR codes with military security.
Shift Manager
It organises and improves accessibility and customer flows in a simple and efficient way, controlling the different customer service points from a single location. This solution reduces waiting time, offering more personalised attention and improved service.
Virtual Shelving
Modernise your pharmacy, displaying your promotions in an attractive and safe way. It allows the management of all the shelves of the pharmacy on a single interactive screen, avoiding shortages of the product on display, as well as economic losses due to theft from the counters.


We are leading integrators in the field of information and communications technologies, with a constant commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Our experience of more than 35 years gives us a deep knowledge of the real problems of technology, how platforms are implemented and integrated and the importance of an adequate support. Among our services we can offer:

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