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Sector Retail

Solutions that help in the process of digital transformation
We simplify the  , transforming the multichannel into omnicanal, providing an effective “experience” of integrated purchase, which allows agile communication and a response time adjusted to the needs of customers, with the aim of improving management, control of the activity and increasing productivity
The customer experience is achieved from the interconnection of all systems that make up the scenario of a Retail environment, we use the IoT (Internet of Things) as a fundamental technology in the digital transformation of the sector, being one of the main points in improving productivity and customer experience. The data generated from this technology allows us to adapt our offer, guaranteeing the quality and availability of our products.
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We offer solutions that help to improve the business, providing information about what type of customer visits us, what their preferences are, their tastes, facilitating the analysis of data and, consequently, decision making.

Cartelería Digital / Digital Signage
360º Service, with projects that cover all aspects of the process. We are real integrators with great experience in providing technological solutions, offering a unique dialogue to our customers.
Wifi Tracking
Allows to know data about the internal and external traffic of an establishment, new or recurrent customers, time spent among other data thanks to Big Data technology.
Offers a customized content configuration to customers (coupons, ads, images, etc.) according to proximity or positioning to an establishment.
Video surveillance
Allows you to visualize the general state of our environment, shop areas, restricted areas, to shorten action and waiting times, subsequent analysis and support in decision making and action plans (marketing).
Heat map
Analysis of zones through heat maps to obtain useful data on the behaviour of users.
Facial recognition
Allows to segment the public by gender, age range, improving marketing campaigns
Client profile
Identifies the client's profile in a non-intrusive way (GDPR compliance): adult, children, travel, length of stay, etc.
Dynamic Marketing
Analyzes data from different sources to customize and differentiate the digital content to be displayed.
Captive portal
Creating a social network environment, allows us to get data from the experience of our customer, from the visit to our website, facilitating the capture and more appropriate marketing.
  • Labelling and Coding
  • Inventory Control
  • Intelligent Tester
  • POS checkout
  • Data analysis
Cash Fraud Control
Identifies fraudulent indications and risks by reducing the cost associated with them.
Queue Control and Management
Optimization of the checkout area for cost savings, improved user experience and increased sales.
Delivery and collection of purchases
Also called "Last Mile", it improves the delivery experience by speeding it up, avoiding risks and controlling costs.
Virtual Tester – Magic Mirror
The mirror makes a virtual assembly of how we look the garment, changing the size or model if we wish.
Request for Commercial Assistance
The client can access information, request to be assisted by a dependent or specialist from any point.
Request for staff support (change, blocking of TPVs)
Interaction with the staff to solve any problem (warehouse, box, TPV...)
Musical thread
Improves the customer experience with music in harmony with the environment and time zone
Sensory marketing that revolutionizes communication at the point of sale, significantly improving the customer experience.
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Media Markt
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