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Confidence. Solidity. Continuity
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Experience and innovation that drive your future
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More than 30 years expanding horizons
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About us

Sermicro Group is an integrator company providing Solutions and Services in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We offer a long experience backed by the trust that our customers have placed in us for more than 30 years.

+ 2800 employees | + 35 years of experience | + 1000 customers | +M€ 134 turnover

+ 2400


+ 35

years of experience

+ 1000


+ 130

M€ turnover

International Presence

We have a broad international presence, backed by alliances and collaborative strategies in more than 50 countries, where we offer our solutions and services.

Sermicro Group Headquarters | Countries where we operate.

Sermicro Group Headquarters

Countries where we operate

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The services offered by Sermicro Group are aimed at providing a comprehensive solution to the needs that arise in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, covering all types of areas, sectors or types of companies and combining quality with economic competitiveness.

Service Center

Our Service Centres are the executing tool for a large number of our activities and provide the necessary support for their execution, standardising processes, reducing costs and guaranteeing the control and quality that our clients require.


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Sermicro Group is made up of 5 companies whose common purpose is to offer innovative Services and Solutions that add value and competitiveness to our clients’ businesses, boosting their growth and improving their skills.

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Centre of Excellence in IT Management and Services (CEX)
CEX - Unidad de Negocio de Outsourcing & Consulting
How does data loss affect an SME?
Área de Sistemas Grupo Sermicro
Workplace Support Services for Conflict Displaced Person Centres in Ukraine
Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones
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