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Digital Signage, more than screens

2019-10-24 16:40:24
Área de Cartelería Digital - Grupo Sermicro
When we talk aboutCartelería Digital we may think that we are referring exclusively to screens that show information in stores, shopping centers, medical offices, etc., without assessing the many possibilities that Digital Signage (Digital Signage in English) can offer to our business.
If we make a small reflection on the benefits that it brings us, we find those that are more immediate:
  • Great power of attraction by the exposure and variety of content, which ensures that our message is perceived.
  • Improved brand image by providing it with innovative solutions.
  • Reduced advertising costs by avoiding the use of paper, printing etc., being also a sustainable solution.
  • Ease of deployment of information (marketing campaigns, promotions, news, ...) quickly and uniformly.
  • Possibility of diversifying the message and the format when necessary, adapting to schedules, type of audience, etc., which gives the solution great flexibility..

A deeper analysis allows us to perceive advantages, not so immediate perhaps but, not for that reason, less important because they are very related to the user experience and customer loyalty. and, therefore, with the business benefit:
  • Greater remembrance of the message received. The visual impact (color, high resolution images, movement) helps the perception and maintenance of information.
  • Improved product perception by being able to show more information about it and the benefits it brings, adapting the message to the most appropriate environment and time.
  • Influence on purchase decision since a high percentage of it is produced at the point of sale and it is there where the impact of Digital Signage is greater.
  • Reduced perception of waiting time, helping to create a calm and peaceful environment (explanatory videos in healthcare settings) o o facilitating the size of teams and resources (shift management and control)
  • Interaction with the client, which facilitates the immediate satisfaction of the same, providing interactive maps, search by categories, directories, ...
  • Facilitates customer knowledge, providing useful information (audiences, buying patterns, behaviour) allowing the message to be tailored to your needs.
  • Possibility of making the investment profitable adding advertising or third party information, which enriches the content and helps defray the cost of the investment.

In short, to have Digital Signage is to have something more than screens that show information, it is to have a excellent solution that improves our image, facilitates and optimizes our work, gives us information about our customers and helps us increase our profits.

The area of Digital Signage Grupo Sermicro provides a complete service, from beginning to end, being real integrators, with great experience in providing technological solutions and offering a unique dialogue to our customers and a guaranteed quality service.

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