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Turnkey development of Agents Web

2020-11-03 14:13:49
Dimática Software Development - Empresa del Grupo Sermicro
Dimática Software Development, a company belonging to Sermicro Group, has achieved the project for the "Turnkey" Development of the Agents Web for an important company in the energy sector.
This project consists of the development of a web application aimed at managing communication between this energy company and its commercial channels, facilitating the promotion, processing and signing of electricity and gas contracts. Among the developments and services to be carried out are:
  • Development of the application based on the requirements established by the client.
  • Implementation of the system in the customer's corporate infrastructure.
  • Training and transfer of the technical knowledge necessary for the maintenance and support of the application.
  • Guarantee service to ensure the correct operation of the system.
  • Support service for possible improvements or changes to the system.

The technologies proposed to provide solutions to the proposed requirements range from operating systems, application and database servers to programming languages, technical monitoring, modules assembled by means of IoC, etc., also using an architecture based on microservices that allows decoupling between modules to carry out unitary tests with the idea of guaranteeing their behaviour.
Additionally, it is important to highlight the execution of integrations with external systems already present in the client, which homogenises the entire platform providing a simpler and more comfortable solution for the various users.
To carry out this project, we have a highly qualified team with extensive experience in projects of similar technology and size: Analysts, Architects, Developers, Designers, etc., all coordinated by a Project Manager with extensive experience and knowledge of management processes and tools.
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