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Dimática launches new logo

2021-09-16 17:42:00
Dimática, a company belonging to the Sermicro Group, has changed its logo. Its image, representative since 2014, has evolved to adapt to the new times of technological innovation and digital development.
The triangle that used to surround its logo has been replaced by a square, a geometric figure that represents stability, solidity and trust, characteristics that are part of our corporate values. Likewise, the use of rounded typography gives it the necessary dynamism, a very important feature in this ever-changing technological market.
The blue and grey colours of its typography are associated with constancy, professionalism, credibility and with quality, order and responsibility respectively. They also represent intelligence, wisdom and truth, distinctives closely linked to innovation, science and technology, all of which are objectives directly related to Dimática's main mission.
Dimática is not only a software development company, it is a fundamental part of the services and solutions offered by the Sermicro Group, helping companies and institutions to develop digitally, maintaining and integrating the digital environment necessary to optimise their operations.
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