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Corporate HW Maintenance of ICT Infrastructures

2020-06-29 14:08:29
Servei de Salut de Les Illes Balears
Sermicro Group has achieved the renewal of the project to provide professional maintenance services HW corporate infrastructure Servei de Salut de les Illes Balears.
The project consists on offering maintenance services both preventive (verifying the physical, logical and functional state of the equipment) and corrective (level 1 and 2) in all the ICT infrastructure: Servers, storage systems, backup systems and SAN switches, in order to guarantee the continuity of the operation and durability of the equipment of the Servei de Salut.
To do this, Sermicro Group has the necessary infrastructure and specialized personnel, able to meet each of the above requirements, even performing regular inspections and audits on the work done by its own technicians for the comprehensive verification of the corporate protocol.
In order to provide a continuous improvement of service and optimize the client's HW platform, the Sermicro Group uses a methodological framework (organizational, technological and quality) aimed at the integrated management of processes that includes all the components necessary for the design, control and management of the IT environment (Technical Support to user care, infrastructure and value-added services related to service management).
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