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Workstation Optimization Platform Hardware

2019-12-04 10:17:33
Comercial Semarsa, S.L.
Sermicro will provide the necessary services for the optimization of the hardware platform of user stations, taking care of pre-diagnosis and onsite assistance and also being the sole point of contact for maintenance management.
To carry out the pre-diagnosis, the technical team will rely on the data collected by the ticketing tool and the incident history, determining the cause of the possible fault and solving it, within the specified service levels.
In those cases in which onsite assistance is required, Sermicro's technical team will travel to the client's facilities, replacing the damaged subsystem or component. If, due to the complexity of the breakdown, the repair cannot be carried out at the customer's premises, the equipment will be removed and taken to our laboratories. -ESC- to proceed with its repair.
In the latter case, the client will be able to continue with their professional activity thanks to the loan equipment that will be left in their offices, which will avoid any damage to their business.
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