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Personal Code Health - Solution for controlling the immune status of your staff

2020-06-08 18:02:53
Dinsa - Grupo Sermicro
Dinsa, a company belonging to the Sermicro Group, has developed with Quirónprevención a new technological tool for safety and prevention that facilitates the control of the immunological status of its staff, thus avoiding sources of contagion and contamination. This new tool is called 'Personal Code Health'.
Personal Code Health crosses the results of the Covid-19 test of each worker with their facial features, generating a unique biometric QR code that will make it easier for both the company and the worker himself to manage his activity.
In the event that the result of the Covid-19 test is negative or antibodies have been generated against the virus, this information will be recorded in the biometric QR code, which the worker can carry on his mobile phone, allowing him to access all those areas previously designated by the company, customers, etc.
In addition, this solution is totally safe since:
  • It has digital security encrypted with 2 keys RSA 8192 bits and signature with elliptical curve 256
  • Prevents the falsification or alteration of documents
  • Preventing identity theft

With Personal Code Health, the return to work and the return to the new normality is much easier, all contributing to the global recovery of the economy.
Personal Code Health
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