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Sermicro, AUTELSI Institutional Award 2021

2021-09-21 12:25:53
Sermicro, along with other technology companies, has been awarded with the Autelsi 2021 Institutional Award granted "To the ICT sector suppliers associated to AUTELSI, for putting all the technological and human resources at the service of the ICT user entities and society in general".
This award recognises the work carried out during the pandemic, an incredible effort that involved guaranteeing, both to society in general and to companies in particular, the operation of all the technological infrastructure necessary to, among other things:
  • Enable business continuity.
  • Enable and optimise the possibility of teleworking.
  • Achieve the necessary stability of communications, resolving emergencies caused by increased traffic.
  • Etc

Sermicro was one of the companies that participated, very actively, in the maintenance of all these infrastructures, having received, additionally and directly, from several ministries, dependent bodies and large public companies, thanks for their important work in the continuity of essential services.
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