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Appointment Management Solution for Pharmacies

2021-03-02 13:19:04
Grupo Sermicro - Área de Sanidad
Did you know that one of the most common customer complaints in pharmacies is waiting time?
2 of the 3 main reasons why a customer chooses a pharmacy are related to the attention received and the overall perceived experience. Thanks to new technologies we can have better communication and a more fluid, closer and continuous relationship with our customers.
Organising and improving accessibility and customer flows in your establishment, reducing waiting times, is undoubtedly an excellent way to optimise the service provided, increase safety and, of course, improve the service received.
The Sermicro Group's Shift Management Solution allows you to have a complete system (web portal, screen, ticket dispensing application, statistics, ...) modular and scalable, that fits your needs, also offering information of interest and health communication, which reduces the perception of waiting, improving the level of service received.
Contact us for more information about this and other specific solutions for Pharmacies.
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