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Professional Backup Solution

2021-09-09 14:34:32
Colegio Internacional San Francisco de Paula - Sevilla
Sermicro Group offers a professional backup solution for the International School San Francisco de Paula in Seville, in order to perform backups safely, protecting data, quickly restoring emails, files, websites, Teams data, etc. and complying with all necessary legal requirements.
This solution allows the backup of Office 365 in any location (on premise or cloud), as well as setting the frequency and time of its realization, also providing great flexibility with fast search and granular recovery of individual objects.
The Sermicro Group's technical team is responsible for, among other things:
  • Initial planning
  • Provision of the solution
  • Installation of the software
  • All necessary configurations (proxy, repositories, policies, server, etc.)
  • Connection and operation tests
  • Backup copies
  • Object recovery testing
  • Installation and configuration of the cloud storage solution

The Sermicro Group has a long experience in this type of system solutions, offering quality services in their installation, implementation and management.
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