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WorkCloud Solution, an easy and simple way to comply with the Wage Gap employment law

2022-03-24 14:32:27
Dinsa - Grupo Sermicro
The WorkCloud Solution developed by Dinsa (Sermicro Group) in collaboration with Quirón prevención, is particularly suitable for consultancies. It is a simple and effective tool that allows you to manage the labour documentation of clients, complying with the provisions of Royal Decree 902/2020, of 13 October, on equal pay for men and women.


WorkCloud is much more than a document management programme. Designed by professionals specialised in the prevention of psychosocial risks at work, a speciality from which we work from a gender perspective, it allows you multiple possibilities, among others:
  • Providing information to your clients in the cloud in a simple way and without touching your current payroll programme.
  • Access to updated Wage Gap information for each client, as required by current legislation. The client will have personalised access to view the information from anywhere.
  • Access to download documents of interest to the company: payslips, contracts, models, etc.
  • Calculation of compensation and preparation of reports on different parameters of labour origin.
  • Compatible with the main payroll programs on the market (SAGE, A3NOM, SUMMAR LABOR, NOMINAPLUS and many more).

Don't hesitate and try it free for 60 days!
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