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On-site Workplace Support and IMAC

2020-07-03 12:01:32
Fundación Althaia
Sermicro Group has renewed for the eighth consecutive year the project to provide on-site support services to the workplace and IMAC for the Althaia Foundation.
The project consists of providing an integral management of all the necessary services to facilitate the support to the users and the maintenance of the computer network, with the purpose of obtaining an optimization of the service and a continuous improvement of the same one.
For this purpose, there will be an on-site technical team that will guarantee the operability of the technological infrastructure in all its elements, both HW (with a park of more than 1,800 equipment) and SW (operating systems of the workstation and corporate applications).
Additionaly, a Help-Desk service is offered to monitor and follow up all possible open incidents for their resolution and closure, also taking care of the inventory management of the computer park.
The whole project will be supervised by a Monitoring Committee, which will establish the appropriate control mechanisms for the achievement of the required quality objectives.
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