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Supply, Implementation and Infrastructure Management

2020-10-27 09:22:08
Colegio das Terras de Santa María
Sermicro Portugal has renewed the project for the supply, implementation, infrastructure management and software licensing for the Colegio das Terras de Santa Maria.
This project was born with the purpose of allowing the digital transformation in education, through a new concept of learning, which includes video training, robotics, minecraft, etc.
The services to be provided include the supply, installation and maintenance of the entire clustering and Disaster Recovery infrastructure, as well as software licensing, systems administration, support and technical assistance.
The volume of equipment to be maintained amounts to more than 1,200 units and includes:
  • Laptops, desktop
  • Physical and virtual servers
  • WiFi networks
  • Endpoint and perimeter cyber security solutions.

This project is part of "Escola Global" an initiative of the Microsoft Show case School and is also a success story of the Acer company. Sermicro has participated in this project, an international reference in education, thanks to its certification as a Microsoft Auhorized Education reseller and ACER Education Partner.
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