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Supply, Installation and Training of Thermographic Detection Systems

2020-06-18 11:18:39
Consejería de Políticas Sociales, Familias, Igualdad y Natalidad - Comunidad de Madrid
Sermicro Group has been awarded the project for the supply, installation and training of thermographic detection systems for nursing homes belonging to the Department of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth of the Community of Madrid.
This system of thermographic cameras with facial recognition (with a distance range of 0.3 m to 1 m), allows monitoring, in real time, the body temperature of any person who wishes to access the residence, with a high measurement precision of +/- 0.5º-C, which will guarantee health safety thanks to the control carried out on visits.
A light signal has also been added to inform of any possible both to security and to the accessing individual himself.
This system is based on IP technology (state-of-the-art cameras and subsystems) and can be integrated and compatible with other devices.
In addition, the thermography solution is adapted to the customer's environment (climate and existing infrastructure) and to the particular needs of the customer, including state-of-the-art functionalities aimed at offering high flexibility and reliability.
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